About us



Cherno more Auto was established in 2000 in Varna and has been working hard for 20 years in the field of motor vehicle trade. Cherno more Auto is specialized in the import and export of passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery.

The years of experience we have gained have taught us professionalism, loyalty, compromise and have won us many clients with whom we keep in touch and who remain true to Cherno more Auto today. It gives us confidence for development. The goals of Cherno more Auto are to achieve greater flexibility and speed in the service sector, as well as to build strong communication relationships and trust with customers. Living in dynamic times, we have learned to value our customers' time.

The facilities created by Cherno more Auto with the aim of faster service:

  • Buy-Back
  • delivery of a custom car
  • own leasing
  • registration in Control of Automobile Transport
  • insurances

The customer is a top priority for us, so we created the special services of Cherno more Auto.

Delivery of the car you want for inspection or purchase anywhere in Bulgaria. Offering this service is intended to facilitate our clients who are from other cities.

BUY-BACK or redemption is the latest service we offer to our customers. What is the service - quick execution of the sale and purchase transaction; Selling your own and buying a new car is done simultaneously; we save you the time and effort of finding a customer for your old car.

We guarantee that the cars we have published online are the most up-to-date offers of Cherno more Auto. The information is updated regularly to make the site useful to our clients from a distance and for them to be able to track the offering.

We are expecting you!