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Cherno more Auto offers financing to its customers through flexible leasing schemes for all vehicles offered.

Bank financing
Financing through a leasing house

Bank financing of a vehicle represents the use of the asset until its full payment. With this type of financing, the customer owns the car throughout the payback period.

Financing through a leasing house - the vehicle becomes the property of the customer after repayment of the full amount. During the repayment period, the client has a co-ownership with the leasing company, and he is included in the coupon of the vehicle.

We, in Cherno more Auto, have found that buying a leased car is the preferred option of our customers over direct purchase, since there are many advantages. In this way of financing, the client does not have additional financial burden.
The client chooses a new or used car of his/her own taste and has it available, investing small sums in the form of self-participation. The remaining liability is distributed on a monthly basis, which gives the customer an even burden, and not all at once.

Cherno more Auto also takes care of the protection of the vehicle, leaving the customer to choose the insurer.

If you are interested in a given car and its lease-purchase, please contact us at +359 52 560 733; +359 888 596 963

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